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Environmental Sustainability

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B-CP has been always cared about the environment protection, and has been promoting over the years increasingly sustainable and circular processes.


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The “BEESAVE” project was born in 2018 with the aim of contributing to the sustenance of bees during the hottest months of the year, when the deaths of these very important insects drastically increase.

We promote the dispersion of phacelia seeds by sending them on special envelopes to our customers and collaborators. Phacelia is a plant developing a very nutritious purple inflorescence for bees. It is heat resistant and it requires very small quantities of water.

Every little gesture helps to safeguard the life of these little friends of our ecosystem, being indispensable today for the pollination of plants and for obtaining an infinite range of food products.
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Circular Bica

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The “CIRCURAL BICA” project was born in mid-2021 and aims to recover part of the product (i.e. the plastic packaging) containing filter products for cremation plants.

We hope to be able to offer this new recovery model to most of our Italian and foreign customers.

We will thus be able to regenerate and reuse the material that once had to be reproduced from scratch with non-recycled plastics.

Super Eco

Black urn in recycled plastic for human by b-cp
The “SUPER ECO” project was born in early 2019, and it started in 2020. The SUPER ECO urns are made of recycled plastic. The urn which was used previously was produced in non-recycled metal materials, which required further industrial processes involving the use of chemical powders for coloring.

Being B-CP the largest national producer and distributor of urns and a very important European player, we have chosen to develop this new product that could be far more sustainable in the use of materials and processes.

We are today proud of affirming that the internal and European market have responded with great enthusiasm to our project: the conversion of the product to date is of 88%.

The memory tree

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The “MEMORY TREE” project has been started in 2019. The aim of the Memory Tree is to avoid the construction of new cemetery systems, as well as the occupation of spaces and walls construction, which are most of the time very expensive for many Italian cities. The Memory Tree, made of corten steel and intended to last over time, is designed to be placed inside cemetery spaces, and it provides the installation of a multitude of leaves showing the data of our loved ones who have passed away.

The cinerary urns can be placed around the tree through the use of wells, occupying a much smaller space than the current burial niches, tombs or dovecotes.

For those choosing the ashes dispersion, there is always the possibility of creating common cinerary debts, fountains or prepared areas, while leaving traces of their memory thanks to the engraved leaves. The environmental impact is thus drastically reduced.