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Made according to your needs
image of a brown metal stench trap product
Stench trap
Thanks to the cooperation with a famous Fragrance Designer we have created an EFFICIENT and TOTALLY COVERING Anti-odor solution.

Thanks to the use of an automatic diffuser, we have obtained great results with maximum versatility and CONSUMPTION SAVINGS.

Spray with high odor-removal essences
Advantages in using our products:
• Economical • Practical • Persistent

The product has been certified and studied by our Fragrance Designer 300 m2 coverage
Automatic Timer – Adjustable Nebulization
Sale terms
• 300 m2 Diffuser: 1L → € 185,00
• Essence: 6L → € 375,00

With the first shipment a manual nebulizer will be delivered for direct applications on particularly odorous outcomes.
General sale terms:
• Packaging: liquids delivered in bottles of 1L on box of 6
• Delivery: at our charge
• Delivery Time: from 1 to 4 weeks depending on availability
• Payment: 30 days
What are the consumptions?

With 1L product setting 10 hours a day of work we’ll obtain 1000 hours lasting (3 months). A 6-liter pack has an indicative shelf life of more than one year.
cardboard box containing the anti odor tablets
Anti odor tablets
The new anti-odour tablets are practical and economical. They break down malodorous outcomes when needed. Remove the tablets from the package and place them on the outcome / outcomes; you will obtain a long lasting coverage all around.
Sale terms: 1 box = 80 tablets (20 disposable bags containing 4 tablets)
General sale terms:
• Packaging: 20 disposable bags containing 4 tablets each for a total of 80 pcs
• Delivery: for orders over € 350,00 euros at our charge
• Delivery Time: 4 weeks
• Payment: 30 days