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Standard urns

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Selection of the most classic steel cinerary urns in various models, colors and sizes. Made in Italy design and production.

The Super Eco urn model is our new eco-sustainable product in recycled plastic that replaced the main old model in steel. Sustainability is for us extremely important. Not only does this product come from recycled materials, but the saving cycle extends to all stages of production.
Black urn in recycled plastic for human by b-cp
Capacity: 4.5L
Material: recycled plastic
Dimension: 190×240 mm

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Four metal urns for human in different color, black, white, grey and brown by b-cp
Capacity: 5L
Material: Steel 8/10
Dimension: 180×270 mm
Eco urns for human in six different colors, black, silver, red, sky blue, green and blue of b-cp
Eco 4 and 4,5
Capacity: 4/4.5L
Material: Steel 8/10
Dimension: 160×246 / 160×248 mm
pallet of 300 pcs
Eco urn black and silver for human by b-cp
Eco C
Capacity: 3.2L
Material: Metal 8/10
Dimension: 160×200 mm
classic urn for human in four different colors: white, black, brown and grey of b-cp
Capacity: 4.5/5L
Material: Steel 8/10
Dimension: 160×250 / 180×270 mm
Big silver urn for human by b-cp
Eco 7
Capacity: 7L
Material: Steel 8/10
Dimension: 190×310 mm
24 pcs for box