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The Memory Tree

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The memo tree has been conceived with the aim of preserving the memory of our loved ones, through the installation and placement of engraved leaves on the whole tree’s structure. Thanks to its corten-steel structure the memory tree can be perfectly suitable to any environment, and it is extremely durable and resistant.

This item is entirely produced by our Italian artisans, and it is available in different sizes, depending on the customer’s request, on the structure that commissions it, and basing on the available budget. We can produce customized trees on request.
Also available for purchase in the MINI version (530×530 mm) including 150 leaves.
detail of the black leaves of the metal memory tree
steel leaf to remember our departed animals
image with three trees placed next to people to show the available sizes
The memo tree is recommended for several kinds of structures:

Installation phases


The memo tree is produced by the specialized company in charge, and it is delivered with the relevant certifications directly to the plant.


Our technicians take in charge the installation of the tree; they normally need just dedicated space.


This object gives to the families an innovative way to maintain the memory of their loved ones, combining the ashes dispersion with the use of a tree devoted to their loving memory.

B-CP srl doesn’t take in charge the positioning of the tree. The tree is delivered in 2 -4 sections, depending on the model. It is very easy to assemble and to secure to the ground.

The tree is a piece of furniture and it has at the same time the function of a living monument, since it can be completed over time with the leaves of the past loved ones.