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International patent BAK1

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During a conference on cremation in Oxford I asked myself what significant contribution I could make to my sector; from that moment an intuition made me realize my first patent: BAK, born after two years of work in collaboration with a study of chemical engineers.

The BAK1 is a cremation controlled accelerator. The product is not invasive for the cremation plant as for emissions.

We haven’t overlooked the ethics with BAK1, which can be used in all Countries where cremation is increasingly in demand.

The recent COVID-19 crisis has taught us that improving elements of the cremation process helps to face the end-of-life operations, that are imperative works, to be executed in the most ethical and flawless way, with greater safety and effectiveness.

B-CP srl is close to all the Countries that have suffered from this tragedy that has united us all and is committed to making its contribution for a better common future.

How we work

For us it is very important to join a trusted partnership with the crematories producers. We want to present the BAK1 through your cooperation, in order to guarantee and start with the best presentation. We must sign the NDA (non disclosure agreement) before presenting the technical and data sheet to the first meeting.

We can come to your site with our technicians and the products for the tests. We take the country distribution agreement to recognize a royalty for each box sold.

It’s important to test the BAK1 with your technology because we should calibrate the filtration system for the first step when the BAK1 produces more smokes (water vapor).

Why choose BAK1

• No problem with emissions;
• No problem with the refractarium;
• It’s a green product;
• No explosion risk;
• It is not toxic;
• It’s super easy to use;
• It save time and gas.
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How it works

The BAK1 will come inside a box. The box has been designed to be ethic and efficient.
  1. Remove the biadhesive from the BAK1 box;
  2. Stick it on top of the casket;
  3. Insert the casket in the crematory and wait the BAK1 reaction. The product is activated from 4 minutes (cold crem) to 5 second (hot crem);
  4. The BAK1 reduces the cremation time by 20-35 minutes. It depends on the crematory heat.