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International patent LUCE

Patented Optical System for Automatic Detention of the end of the cremation process

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What is LUCE

Luce is an optical device necessary for detecting the conclusion of the cremation process, useful for human and pet cremation plants.

How does it work?

Luce has an optic that, placed in front of the glass porthole, detects the end of the cremation process. This software, using a special algorithm, can inform the cremation plant operator with an alert.

The purpose

Today the cremation process conclusion is determined using three parameters:
• Check of the temperature of the cremation chamber through the specific PLC of the cremation system
• Check of the estimated average time for the cremation of the body (human or pet) or of the mortal rests through the PLC of the cremation system
• Direct observation by the system technician.

The direct observation, which determines the end of the process, is carried out by the technician (check every 5/10 minutes), until he believes that the soft parts are worn out and the bone parts are sufficiently reduced. Without certain control there can always be a decrease by default in cremation times.
Image of document International Patent LUCE

The potential

Luce eliminates downtime by determining the exact end of both human and pet cremation. The cremation sector is rapidly expanding and needs an ever greater organization to meet the growing demands. Eliminating the time surpluses of the cremation process, estimated between 4 and 12 minutes (survey carried out on human and pet cremation systems) increases the efficiency of the system and decreases costs.


Luce is a complex optical system that has a specific and patented algorithm. This algorithm identifies the reduction of the soft parts, the remaining bone parts and the absence of flame on the cremated parts. The combination of the optical part and the laser perfects the process.

The offer

The optical system will be subcontracted; there are no purchase costs. The system counts the number of cremations and requires a small royalty on that. Costs invoicing will be done every two months.