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Thanks to the collaboration and direct experience with Anna Mognon we are pleased to present a new service: B-CP website creation.

Anna Mognon is a young, professional and social influencer who works in IT. Her work and her professionalism are recognized by all her clients and by the Web users who support her. Specialized in remote assistance, she’s able to offer a faster, safer, and cheaper service, to guarantee you a unique experience.
We considered her collaboration in the production of our website more than positive as:
• It was done quickly
• The relationship with her is direct, dynamic and fast
• The economic offer is convenient
• It is dynamic and immediate to make any changes to the site
The desired site level has been reached with the help of Anna Mognon.

Working with us is easy and there are no difficulties in requesting a quote and seeing a promo of the job you want to get.
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Our post production assistance is essential and guaranteed. In this new service, as in all the others provided by B-CP, we consider the post supply more important than the sale itself because we want to have a relationship with you that is as lasting, quality and serene as possible.

What we offer

Fixid (The name representing Anna Mognon’s services and her collaborators) professionals are not only experts in the creation of websites and e-Commerce, they also offer a free analysis on the health of your current site, aimed at analyzing every graphic, functional and legal aspect. Through this analysis (called SEO analysis), the more technical aspects are analyzed, which may not be visible to an external user, but penalize the ease with which a site is searched. Not only that, often, the shortcomings that are found concern the legal aspect, therefore punishable according to the relevant law.

How we work

Call B-CP at 0424 590893 and tell your idea

We will create a report to be sent to Anna Mognon, facilitating your work in the first technical steps

Anna Mognon will comes up with some ideas for you and share your opinions with her

We will make your ideas concrete by producing your website

We may change any information before putting the website online and you will have your own cheap and tailor-made website with ease