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Boiler cleaning machine

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*Product available only for Italy
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Boiler cleaning machine
Wanting to complete the range of products useful for cleaning and maintaining the filtering component of the cremation system, we have introduced the filter cleaning machine complete with the various replacement heads in the catalog. The machine is highly performing and practical in use. Covered by warranty, it is a durable and indispensable tool for the correct maintenance of a cremation plant.

It doesn’t take long for a heavy build-up of limescale or soot to form in the boilers rather than in the exchangers. This is why it is essential to carefully and frequently eliminate the system of contaminants that can cause drastic increases in the consumption of the entire system.

Both the Goodway RAM-4X and the RAM-4X2A use the same reliable technology as the popular RAM-4 unit, the best-selling machine in Italy for cleaning heat exchangers and boilers since it can be used both with water and dry.

The difference? The RAM-4X has a 1 HP engine, the RAM-4X2A has a 2 HP engine. The powerful action of the motor that turns the flexible whisk to which a brush is applied allows even the most difficult encrustations to be removed from the pipes.

With a large variety of brushes and cleaning tools to choose from, these units make any boiler or exchanger cleaning task a simple job. Finally, a properly cared for and clean system allows you to save up to 35% in terms of energy consumption, compared to a system that never sees adequate maintenance.

• Stainless steel construction
• Interchangeable cleaning tools
• Integrated trolley
• Simultaneous water discharge or suction
• Foot switch activation
• 1 HP or 2 HP engine power