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Cold rooms

*Service available only for Italy
The world of cremation is constantly evolving and expanding. We are aware of the ever-increasing needs to optimize the spaces within the existing structures for the maintenance of coffins / mortal remains intended for cremation.

Our approach is not based on standardized products but rather on a modulation of the product necessary to obtain the maximum result. This work setting has the objective of saving economic resources for all our customers. The proximity to our production partners allows us to have an impeccable direct control and reliability.

The MADE IN ITALY production guarantees, in addition to all the specific certifications, a high product quality while maintaining competitive prices. The Partner selected within one (1) year of research is the company: Frigo Veneta.

Why this partner:
• Company operating in the cold technology sector for 60 years (1963 – 2023)
• Proximity between our companies – excellent technical commercial support
• Availability of certifications
• Manufacturing company and not Assembly company
• Italian Technicians Specialized only in refrigeration technology
• Sharing of vision, objective and corporate seriousness
Click to see their site: frigoven
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