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*Service available only for Italy

Structural consultancy

If you want to change the design of the crematorium or improve it, we will follow our method which will help you save time and costs. If professionals (architects and engineers) need help to understand the need for a cremation plant as an architectural and structural space, we will help them with all our knowledge to obtain the best result in the shortest possible time.

Cost optimization

Since we have visited more than 200 crematoria, we know how to implement / optimize internal dynamics in order to save costs. It is always a great challenge to find out how to increase margins.

Find the right place

If you want to open a new crematorium, we can help you understand where the right place can be. It is always important to know where you will start an exciting new business adventure.

Ask and we’ll get back to you

The world of cremation has an infinite number of problems, we are always available to answer your questions and find the best solutions together. Call us first and let’s continue together.

Corporate acquisitions and sales

Cremation in Italy is in its infancy. The sectoral potential is still to be expressed. In this rapidly evolving scenery, B-CP srl proposes itself, as an acquaintance of all the players in the domestic and foreign market, as a consultant and operative in the world of corporate acquisitions and mergers in the field of cremation. We operate with confidentiality, discretion and speed for those who evaluate an acquisition or sale option.

For the numerical technical aspect, we have selected Studio Rebecca and Associates as a partner, operating since 1972 with success and professionalism. Our approach in the world of acquisitions and Mergers is proven, practical, dynamic, professional and fast.

B-CP & studio Rebecca ed Associati

Firm of Chartered Accountants and Statutory Auditors founded in 1972, with headquarters in Vicenza and Schio.
Professionalism, skills and experience are at the service of customers in consulting and assistance in all aspects of ordinary and extraordinary business operations in the business, legal, accounting and tax fields.

The Firm offers itself as a support for the implementation of extraordinary operations and corporate reorganization, specifically for M & A operations.

As part of the single operation, the Firm is able to offer assistance for:
• The preliminary feasibility examination;
• The analysis of the operation based on the specific needs of the parties;
• The estimate of the value of the company, through the use of the most appropriate valuation methods;
• The preparation of contracts aimed at completing the transaction. Furthermore, the Firm can carry out specific due diligence activities, including legal, labor law, urban planning and environmental aspects with the help of professionals with proven experience in their respective sectors.

How we work

Contact us for Acquisitions / Sales / Consulting

We come to meet you to better understand the action plan and we define the mandate / assignment

We find the ideal person and We maintain constant communication with our customers so as not to overlook any detail

We elaborate numerically and economically the negotiation and we follow you step by step in mediation

We take you to close the deal successfully and let’s celebrate with you