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Refractory linings

Less wear and gas saving
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B-CP is the official supplier for Italy.
B-CP srl has started a collaboration with the Italian section of Emisshield since January 2023 for the supply of this innovative product for Cremation plants.
In gas-fired kilns, normal kiln refractories tend to reflect most of the incoming energy back into the kiln flue gas, at the same spectral wavelength at which it is emitted by the flue gas. This energy is then absorbed again by the fumes, limiting the amount of energy transferred to the process (pipes or materials).
Emisshield coatings on the furnace walls absorb more of the incident radiant energy and re-emit this energy, across the wavelength spectrum, including emission, through transparent windows in the spectrum.

This spectral redistribution of the emitted energy allows more radiant energy to pass through the flue gas and be transferred to the process surface.
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Benefits in use

• Increased production, with the same energy input
• Reduction of energy input in the range of 5 up to 15% while maintaining the same level of production
• Extension of the useful life of the oven lining
• Reduction of maintenance costs


Case history - Convenience calculation

Untreated refractory

• 1200 cremations per year
• Gas cost $ 94,154
• Refractory remake $ 5,000

Refractory Treated with Emisshield

• 1500 cremations per year
• Savings of 21% – Gas cost $ 74,381.66
• Refractory refurbishment in 3 years – $ 1666.00
*Calculations made on the Human Crematorium PFS Crematory in Portland – USA – 09/2013


Case history - Convenience calculation

Untreated refractory

• Monthly consumption 2000 m3
• Single cremation average time 55 min
• Refurbishment of the refractory chamber every 2 years

Refractory Treated with Emisshield

• Monthly consumption 1500 m3
• Single cremation average time 27,5 min
• Refurbishment of the refractory chamber after 3 years and 8 months
*Calculations made on Pet Crematorium in Holland: Cracked Aniamal – Breskens – Holland – 02/2012

How it is applied

1. Request the application of the product
2. Dutch technicians will come to your facility for treatment.
3. Time needed for application including initial check, product application, final check, requires 3 hours availability and accessibility of the oven. Naturally in the absence of unforeseen events related to the state of the oven
4. The oven can be immediately reused at the end of the final inspection.
N.B. the application of the Emissheld is non-invasive and does not require the disassembly of system components. The product is sprayed with special machines on the refractory chamber