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Pet Obolo

A small object that their pet owners can personalize before cremation. A last farewell to their pet friend who will be returned after cremation and will remain with them forever.

How does set work?
1. Give OBOLO to the family when they will come to bring their beloved Pet-Friend;
2. They will then be able to leave a message or a drawing on the white side of OBOLO;
3. Place OBOLO on the refractory base near the PET with the drawing facing downwards and not towards the flame;
4. Return OBOLO in its box to the family. They will thus have a personalized memory forever.

Material: refractory
Dimension: 50 mm
Minimum order 10 pcs. Each piece includes: pet obolo + ribbon + box

Specification: the special pencil allows to maintain what is written or drawn even after the cremation process. The pencil is purchased separately.

Additional information

Dimensions 50 mm